Adrian Paci Film Program
Jul 11 2024


Program Description

Sunset Kino is Canada's only outdoor, avant-garde film festival. Founded by Séamus Kealy in Austria in 2017, this festival continues now at Oakville Galleries. Introduced by the programmers and commencing at sunset, audiences experience a curated program of films and videos by Canadian and international artists. 


All films are screened outdoors in Gairloch Gardens. Please dress appropriately and bring seating and blankets. With inclement weather, screenings will be indoors in the Studio, adjacent to the Gallery. 


Oakville Galleries operates with support from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario and the Corporation of the Town of Oakville, along with our many individual, corporate, and foundation partners.

Program Details

Films by Adrian Paci (AL/IT)

Programmed by Séamus Kealy (CA/IE)


A Real Game, Adrian Paci (AL/IT), 1997, 9 minutes
Paci and his daughter take part in a fictional game, in which Paci pretends to be the teacher while his daughter plays the part of the pupil that tells her personal story. 


Believe me I am an artist, Adrian Paci (AL/IT), 2000, 7 minutes 

We witness Adrian Paci’s dialogue with a police officer in a police station in Milan. In the video, Paci attempts to explain his positionality as an artist in relation to a series of photographs in question by the officer.


Vajtojca, Adrian Paci (AL/IT), 2002, 9 minutes
Vajtojca deals with themes of reflection on death and its possible aesthetic interpretation. The film documents and testifies the attempt of the artist to construct a live dialogue with the inevitable presence of death. 


Per Speculum, Adrian Paci (AL/IT), 2006, 7 minutes
The main characters of Per Speculum are children engaged in daring the sun with the segments of a mirror. The work seems suspended in an undetermined, archetypical dimension of time and space, the title quotes the First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians,  For now we see through a glass darkly; but then face to face.”


The Guardians, Adrian Paci (AL/IT), 2015, 6 minutes
This film is a poetic reflection on the relationship between childhood and death. The story takes place in the Catholic cemetery of the artist’s hometown, Shkodra. 


U'ncuontru, Adrian Paci, 2021 (AL/IT), 17 minutes
U’ncuontru is inspired by the Easter Sunday ritual of the Madonna vasa vasa, which has always been attended by thousands of people. In the pandemic era, the ritual was not possible. In this film, Paci imagines a nocturnal, ‘clandestine’ meeting all the same.


Di queste luci si servirà la notte, Adrian Paci (AL/IT), 2017, 10 minutes
This film takes its name from an action on the Arno River conceived by Adrian Paci. The gestures of that action return to the video, speaking of the river where everything flows from its hidden identity to the memory of the water, from the continuous transit of things and of our human condition.


Interregnum, Adrian Paci (AL/IT), 2017, 17 minutes
Interregnum collects and assembles fragments extracted from videos documenting the funerals of Communist dictators of different nationalities and eras, recovered from official state archives and national television broadcasts. 


The Column, Adrian Paci (AL/IT), 2013, 26 minutes

Following the production of a classical Western column model by Asian workers on a voyage towards Europe, this film investigates the capitalist logic of profit in the perfect merging of the time of production with the time of transport.



Gairloch Gardens
1306 Lakeshore Road East
Oakville, ON L6J 1L6


8:30 PM


Image: Still from Per Speculum, video, 2006. Courtesy of Adrian Paci.